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iNNOV8 Comments on the 10th Anniversary of ISIS Occupation of Mosul  

On June 10, 2024, the Director of iNNOV8 Research Center appeared on a special TV coverage of the 10th anniversary of the occupation of the city of Mosul by the terrorist group ISIS.  

In response to questions from presenters from Channel8’s 12 PM News Bulletin, Imad Farhadi addressed the continued threat from the so-called sleeper cells of ISIS in Iraq, and the ways that the Government of Iraq, KRI (Kurdistan Region of Iraq), and Coalition Forces could effectively combat the threat of ISIS remerging.  

The following are the main points highlighted by iNNOV8 through its director: 

  • ISIS Continues to be a threat in Iraq, KRI and Northeast Syria (Rojava)
  • ISIS takes advantage of the security gap in the areas that are not under the control of GoI nor KRI
  • Integration of KRI’s Peshmerga Forces is an essential component in an effective anti-ISIS campaign
  • The international Coalition Forces in Iraq and KRI continue to push the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs to unify some units of the Peshmerga Forces
  • Only when MoPA has unified forces can the geographical areas where ISIS still conducts small activities can be controlled through coordination with Iraqi Security Forces and the international coalition
  • The instability in Northeastern Syria poses threat to KRI as well, since ISIS’s potential reemergence there could mean yet another spillover to Iraq/KRI just as it happened 10 years ago
  • Through good governance, security and financial stability ISIS’s breeding ground could be denied and the spread of its extremist ideology can be controlled.  
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