Nestled in the mountains of Sulaymaniyah, the Culture Capital of KRI, iNNOV8 Research Center pioneers cutting-edge research and innovation. We aspire for excellence as an independent research center by providing valid, valuable, and timely products to the public. We deliver impactful solutions and contribute to our industry’s vibrant and forward-thinking community. As an affiliate of CHANNEL8 Media Corporation, iNNOV8 also serves as the in-house research and public relations hub for the channel. 


At the core of our mission is the relentless pursuit of providing innovative and impactful space for debate in pursuit of solutions. We endeavor to create content that enlightens, ensuring a meaningful impact on our audience.


Our Research Center is driven by a diverse range of objectives that serve as the foundation for our strategic efforts and initiatives. By conducting thorough research, we explore the complexities of contemporary trends, creating a conducive environment that promotes the growth of ideas and facilitates vibrant discussions. We are not just a research center, but rather a comprehensive hub of intellectual resources that effectively draws on our expertise to serve the public’s best interests. Through the diligent monitoring of emerging trends and the generation of novel ideas, we actively contribute to the advancement of innovative research.

Director's Message

" Socrates

I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing

Recognizing and challenging the limitations of human understanding is the catalyst for many innovations. Today, humanity has pushed the limits, hence the limitations that Socrates referred to may have vanished. However, as we advanced, we created new limits and with that came the need to push them even further.

Globalization, coupled with advancements in communications technology has enabled the creation of a large global community where many of our issues and challenges appear to have similar sources and similar solutions. However, humans’ limited knowledge of the challenges on the local levels has in many cases misguided their decisions.

Here at iNNOV8 we study local issues relevant to our communities with a global lens; study the effects of globally recognized issues on the local landscape, provide in-depth research and analysis, present practical solutions and generate answers. By creating a debate environment conducive to understanding at the local level, we can contribute to solutions applicable at both local and global levels.

I hope you can join us on this open collaborative journey.

Imad A Farhadi

Our Team

Dia Abdul

Research Specialist


Basta Sirwan

Research Specialist


Noor Omer

Research Specialist